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My favorite AT ladies again
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sometimes I get really stressed out because my body doesn’t match society’s expectations of beauty and sex appeal

and one night I was complaining about it to my sister and she said

"It’s not very punk rock to meet society’s expectations"

I think she changed my life

Leaving for school tomorrow morning. Said goodbye to most of the family and managed to cry twice. Of course the worst was when I was saying goodbye to my nephew and I started to cry which made him start to cry which made my sister and cousin cry and oh my GOD it was horrible. And then I started tearing up when I was cleaning my bird’s cage and I’ll probably start tearing up again in the morning. Jesus I’m already sick of crying and I haven’t even said goodbye to my mom or dad yet and God knows that’s gonna be the worst.

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speed racer for sketch dailies. i need to learn how to paint cars properly :S
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I had to take a minute when Key and Peele randomly appeared in Fargo.
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Till death do us part
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You know, Guardians of the Galaxy was not the first film I’ve watched in which Vin Diesel voiced a character that barely spoke and yet destroyed me with a single line of dialogue

need I remind you